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As Jeff Stant and I walked and talked on the Tecumseh Trail in the Morgan-Monroe State Forest Back Country Area on June 13, I was reminded of the old cliché the more things change, the more they stay the same.

I met Jeff in 1981, after following my wife's suggestion that I get out of the apartment and go to a Sierra Club meeting or something. Clad in an olive green army jacket and armed with a piercing glare, Jeff stood onstage at the Monroe County Public Library Auditorium and scanned every pair of eyes in the place, including mine, for organizing potential. This was the old library, when a back-row seat essentially was front-row.


I chose Full Circle as the name for the first Natural Bloomington tour I mapped out for the most pedestrian of reasons. When I finished plotting the route on Google Maps, it formed a circle around the city. But the more I have thought about it, the term is steeped in multiple layers of meaning.
Life, of course, is a circle, composed of smaller circles that continuously open and close and intersect throughout our times on earth. Sometimes their beginnings and ends are as obvious as the peeling skin on a shagbark hickory. And having just added cancer-survivor to my list of handles, I can say definitively that my return to the woods via Natural Bloomington marks a point from which I am starting a new circle.

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