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Indiana Eco-Traveler Update: May 26, 2019

The Natural Bloomington road ends at the Ohio River, where the buzzards roost

I’ve lived long enough to recognize epic sea change in real time. And even though I’ve seen this fork in the flow coming for a year or more, its imminence didn’t strike with full force until I turned south on Washington on Monday en route to the Ohio River at Buzzard Roost. I realized this would be the last road trip of my six-year, three-book exploration of natural Indiana.

I also know such pivotal moments are fraught with danger and ripe with possibility. So I took it slow and savored every one of the 208.2 road and 2 trail miles. Signs of peril manifested themselves in a mysteriously cracked lens filter (not cracked the night before) and a sign at the Buzzard Roost Trail warning the path to the river is “steep, rocky and slippery.” Signs of creative hope revealed themselves in a rare combination [in my experience] of sky and clouds above the beautiful river, as the Iroquois Indians called the Ohio.

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Through our Historic, Environmental & Scenic Ecotours, Natural Bloomington subscribes to the principles set down by the International EcoTourism Society for “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people."

Natural Bloomington welcomes the opportunity to lead groups on ecotours during any season of the year.


Natural Bloomington's mission is to celebrate and share Southern Indiana's natural beauty through image, prose and ecotourism.

Contact us for informationabout our nature books and guide services.



Natural Bloomington Nature Books

Available March 2019 - Order now 

A Guide to Natural Areas of Northern Indiana

A Guide to Natural Areas of Northern Indiana: 125 Unique Places to Explore will be published by IU Press in Late March 2019.

This 429-page volume features 140 color digital photographs from natural areas between I-70 and Lake Michigan. Heres's what ACRES Land Trust Executive Director Jason Kissell says in the Foreword.

"Rather than just recommend you read this book, I encourage you to experience it. Get outside and into the amazing places Steven has selected. This book is meant to be marked with your observations and questions—to be dog-eared, mud spattered, sweat stained, and well worn."

Available - Order Now 
A Guide to Natural Areas of Southern Indiana 

A Guide to Natural Areas of Southern Indiana features anecdotes, directions and photographs of 119 natural areas between I-70 and the Ohio River. Here's what author James Alexander Thom says in the Foreword.

"In this guidebook, Steven Higgs has compiled and written a hundred times more good, useful information about my native state's natural treasures than I ever learned in eighty years of crawling, hiking, riding, swimming, and paddling all over them.”

To purchase copies and support the Natural Bloomington mission, click here.


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